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Large caliber ABS abnormal pipe extruder machine
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Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Large caliber ABS abnormal pipe extruder machine
Products Infomation:

? Extruder: single screw extruder adopts latest groove barrel and high efficiency screw which provides high ouput and perfect plasticization capacity.
? Extrusion mould: it adops streamline diehead, The wall thickness of pipe is easily adjusted; it adopts terrace style and unique design for calibration sleeve which made of aluminum alloy with good intensity, wearability,and thermal conductivity. Applicable Max. pipe size :f400mm
? Vacuum calibration device: vacuum spraying water chamber, body is made of stainless steel.
? Haul off unit: six pedrail haul off unit, the rubber pressing block is of high wearability, features stable and reliable running.
? Cutting unit: adopts planet cutting machine, cutting style is saw cutting, the cutting saw is made of super rigid alloy saw.
? Stacking unit: roller style stacking device
? Electric control system: many types of control system are available for customer selection( such as PLC control) stalbe running and easy operation.

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PU?PVC?TPR?EVA Soft abnormal profile? pipe extruder

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