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PU?PE?PVC exactitude medicine pipe extruder
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Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: PU?PE?PVC exactitude medicine pipe extruder
Products Infomation:

? Intelligent control system:it adopts siemens PLC control system.Inside it,PID and less-noise and fast frequency SSR(solid state relay)can give a precise control to every heat zone.its motor is Japanese Mitsubishis servo Motor and Dyniso conductor can detect the melt pressure at a precise extent.Both of them keep the pressure even and extrusion stable.With the function of instant monitoring and intelligent alarm,the control system enables the machine more human friendly.
? Screw:The special designed screw made of imported high quality steel and experienced specital treatment ensures a high quality of plasticizing.
? Barrel:The feeding stage adopts force cooling water jacket which prevents the material bridging at this section.
? Gear box:German SEWs products and couple connection between the thrust shaft and motor ensures no screw revolution speed tolerance.This ensures there is no dust coming out of production.
? Frame structure:it adopts co-extrusion structure.The sub extruders frame holder can adjust the position of sub extruder freelyu according to the production requirements.This can save production space.
? Die:the material is imported alloy steel.The flow channeldesign is reasonbale.Supporting by melt pressure inductor,the die head can ensure a high precise extent of product sizw.
? Cool water Calibrating tank:the material is imported stainless steel;the tempered glass cover can facilitate the observation of the cooling conndition and keep the dust fall out of the water tank.its sanitation is up to the medical pipe industry standard.it adopts Tri-Dmovement design.so it is easy to operate it;
? Belt haul-off machine:it is driven by servo motor or inverter controlled motor and is fixed with imported Pu multivelt belt that is of good wear and tear resistance.it ensures there is no damage on the pipes surface when it runs at a high spee.
? Automatic length-fixing cutter:the material is stainless steel,an imported servo motor from japan,a PLC control and a light aluminum alloy knife holder assure stably and predixe cutting.According to production requiremint,it can adjust length of products.freely.
? Thickness measuring instrument:An advanced linear measuring instrument can measure the products precisely and feedback productsdata promptly during production.

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