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PU?PVC?TPR?EVA Soft abnormal profile? pipe extruder
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Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: PU?PVC?TPR?EVA Soft abnormal profile? pipe extruder
Products Infomation:

? According to the customers requirement, fixed with suitable main machines and accessory machines, this kind of product lines is used in manufacturing of PU pipe, PU strap, PVC water proof abnormal profile, TPR, TPE, EVA etc tubes and profile products.
? Special designed screw and barrel guarantee the high speed extrusion in super plasticizing quality.
? Vacuum calibration tank can be assures the accurate round and even capacity.
? Belt haul-off machine, fixed with stepless frequency conversion control and imported Multi-v PU belt, can work stable at a wild speed range.
? Two-shaft winder. Its two bobbins work alternatively without stopping machine. Bobbins exchanging is easy and it winds pipes orderly.

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Large caliber ABS abnormal pipe extruder machine

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