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RHD Series Hot Smelting Butt Joint Machine
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Products Name: RHD Series Hot Smelting Butt Joint Machine
Products Infomation:

Suitable for hot smelting butt joint of PE and PP pipes.
Performance & Characteristic
1. Separate type structure, composed of hydraulic station, stander, tool rack (for placement of milling cutter and heat plate), convenient for moving and operation.
2. Steady operating performances with adoption of hydraulic system for control of joint pressure.
3. The stander designed in double clamping sleeve structure is accurate in orientation and easy for assembly and disassembly.
4. The heat plate adopts electronic control for temperature displayed in digits. High temperature resistant tetra-fluorine paint barrier is coated around the heat plate.
5. Chains driving facing cutter has strong power and dependable operations.
Technical Data:
Model Working Range Hydraulic Pressure Unit Facing Cutter Heat Plate
RHD160 63-160 220V / 0.75kw 220V / 0.8kw 220V / 1kw
RHD250 90-250 220V / 0.75kw 220V / 1kw 220V / 2kw
RHD315 160-315 220V / 0.75kw 220V / 1kw 220V / 2.5kw
RHD450 250-450 220V / 1.1kw 380 / 1.5kw 380 / 5kw
RHD630 315-630 220V / 1.1KW 380V / 1.5KW 380 / 8kw

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