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Butt Welding PAP Pipe Line
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Products Name: Butt Welding PAP Pipe Line
Products Infomation:

The production lines are used to make plastic-aluminum-plastic (PAP) multilayer pipes.
The external and internal layers of the pipes are plastics, e.g. PE, and middle layer is a butt-welded aluminum. All the layers are solidly adhered with each other, therefore, the pipes are also called composite pipes or composite pressure pipes.
The pipes made by these lines are in compliance with ASTM-1335-2004 .

v High yield speed, up to 20m /min,
v High operating reliability, yielding high quality pipes continuously,
v Low power consumption, only 160KW total actual power consumption of a line,
v Fast exchanging welding guns without interrupting pipes yielding with a dual-gun system,
v Precision aluminum pipe forming system based on know-how,
v Precision butt-welding system, great welded seam strength and excellent roundness of the yielded pipes,
v High performance extruders with precision dies and advanced vacuum calibrators,
v Remote network control system based on PLC control, special control software, self-learn function,
v Can be extended to produce composite stainless steel-plastic pipes.

Products Infomation:
Butt Welding PAP Pipe Line
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