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Overlap Welding PAP Pipe Line
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Products Name: Overlap Welding PAP Pipe Line
Products Infomation:

 The line is used to make overlap plastic-aluminum-plastic (PAP) multilayer pipes.
The external and internal layers of the pipes are plastics, e.g. PE, and middle layer is overlap-welded aluminum.
The pipe made by the line is in compliance with ASTM F1282-2003.
v The line抯 yield speed is up to 12m/min,
v Equipped with the American ultrasonic welding machine with high precision,
v Equipped with complete proportion mixer,
v The line controlled by advanced PLC automatic control system,
v The line uses co-extrusion of five layers.

Diameters of Yielded Pipes: from 16 to 63 mm;
Yield Speed: Max. 12m /min;
Aluminum Strip Thickness: 0.3 to 1.2 mm;
Nominated Power Capacity: 150 KVA;
Applied area of the Line: 36󬊄 m (L W H).

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