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Plastic-steel-plastic composite pipe production line
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Products Name: Plastic-steel-plastic composite pipe production line
Products Infomation:

Guangzhou Advance-Tech Co., Ltd is patentee of this kind of lines.
The production lines are used to make plastic-steel-plastic (PSP) multilayer pipes.
The external and internal layers of the pipes are plastics, e.g. PE, and the middle layer is a butt-welded normal steel. All the layers are solidly adhered with each other. Therefore, the pipes are also called plastic-steel-plastic composite pipes or composite pressure pipes.
Model: ADF-G63, ADF-G110, ADF-G200
The pipes made by these lines are in compliance with CJ/T 183-2003.

v Continuously thin-wall steel pipe forming, welding and co-extruding internal-external plastic layers technology based on know-how,
v Adhesive technology for bonding steel and plastics based on know-how,
v High operating reliability, yielding high quality pipes continuously,
v Optimization process parameters control,
v Fast exchanging welding guns without interrupting pipes yielding with a dual gun system,
v Equipped with most advanced welding equipment,
v Precision butt-welding system, great welded seam strength and excellent roundness of the yielded pipes,
v High performance extruders with precision dies and advanced vacuum calibrators,
v Remote network control system based on PLC control, special control software, self-learn function,
v Can be extended to produce PPR, PEX pipes or plastic-stainless-steel composite pipes, or other multiplayer plastic-metal pipes.

Products Infomation:
Plastic-steel-plastic composite pipe production line
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