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PE Solid Pipe
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Products Name: PE Solid Pipe
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The optimum extrusion line for PE Gas and Water Pipes has been developed in Zhongyun, combining Chinese and international advanced technology. Because of the constantly improving properties of PE material, HDPE/MDPE are applied widely to produce gas and water pipes.

The main advantages of PE pipes are as follows:
? A non-leakage pipe system can be obtained through heat welding or electric welding, ensuring high safety in transportation of water and gas.
? Because of features of light weight and flexibility, the pipe can be transported and installed easily, and it can resist earth movement such as earthquake and settlement. It is unnecessary to have digging and installing technology.
? PE has a lifespan over 50 years, because of its excellent resistance to creep and corrosion and its ambient adaptability.
? The PE pipe can be used to convey the unstained drinking water.

Main features

? It adopts the PE efficient screw, notched barrel and forced cooling mandrel. The conveying capacity is improved greatly to ensure efficient extruding. It is equipped with a vertical reducer with high torque and is driven by DC motor.

? The basket co-die is suitable for polyolefines not only ensuring high speed stable extrusion and realizing the smallest stress brought by low melt temperature and highest pipe quality.

? It adopts efficient vacuum calibrating technology with two cavities, and spray cooling flume in order to increase the finished product rate and meet requirements of production for high speed.

? It adopts a multi-caterpillar pulling machine. Each caterpillar is driven by a dependent AC servomotor with even pulling force. The driven technology of digital controller realizes a precision speed adjustment so as to create a high synchronicity.

? It adopts a cutting machine with the high speed and precision design. Its cutting

section is flat and smooth. A strong dust collecting device is provided for minimum maintenance.

? A professional PCC (B&R, Austria) control system is adopted in the extrusion line for high automation, reliable running and easy operation.

? Long-distance communicative function can realize tele-diagnosis and maintenance.
? It is certified for safety system by China Quality Certification Centre.

Products Infomation:
PE Solid Pipe
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