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PEX Pipe
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Products Name: PEX Pipe
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Main Features
? The machine adopts a patent reaction extruder with four zones, and it simplifies two step process into one step. There is no strict time limitation for materials.
? The reaction die with patent is specially treated in the flow channel to ensure efficient reaction extrusion.
? A special PEX vacuum calibrating system can meet requirements for high speed production.
? The resin and crosslinking agents are fed into the die at the same time. This not only ensures the stability of graft reaction and extrusion, but easily controls the process with good performance and price. The cost of raw materials can be cut down by 40% in comparison with that of the two step process.
? Adopting a PCC (B&R, Austria) control system, it reaches not only fully automatic production, but more reliable and stable running.
? Long-distance communicative function can realize tele-diagnosis and maintenance.

Products Infomation:
PEX Pipe
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