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PPR Pipe
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Products Name: PPR Pipe
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Main features
? An efficient screw is specially designed for PP-R material with high output and stable extruding. It is equipped with the imported automatic vacuum feeder and constant temperature dryer.
? Adopting the PCC (B&C, Austria) control system, It realizes not only full automatic production but more reliable and stable running.
? The high abrasion resistance compound is used for the caterpillar of high speed and durable pulling device.
? It adopts an automatic cutting saw without dust. The cutting section is flat and smooth with high precision.
? The sieve basket die is suitable for polyolefines, obtaining low melt pressure and low plasticizing temperature with the widest processing range for special materials.
? Long-distance communicative function can realize tele-diagnosis and maintenance.

Products Infomation:
PPR Pipe
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