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KR-series mining pipe extrusion line
Products Name: KR-series mining pipe extrusion line
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According to State Cities Construction Standard CJ/T125-2000 for fuel gas steel-web frame polyolefine plastic composite pipe and the standard MT181-88 issued by The Coal Industrial Department of P.R.China for mining plastic pipe, our company developed KRSJGBG mining steel wire-reinforcement composite pipe extrusion line.
Coal mining steel wire polyolefine composite pipe: its middle layer is winding steel wire with high rigidity, the inner and outer layers are static-resistant and fire-retardant plastic material, its a sort of composite pipe pressed and shaped via multiple-layer method.
Uses: water supply, water discharging, plus-pressured ventilation; gas sucking, working pressure is 1.0-2.0MPa.
Equipment characteristics
1. Optimized barrier type screw is suitable for dual function material low-temperature and low-pressure forming.
2. IKV forced feeding grooved barrel matched with screw structure guarantees high-speed operation.
3. Strong and durable hard-surface drive system makes sure the stable output and good quality.
4. Temperature control system guarantees stable output when different screws are at different speed.
5. Well performed co-extruder can be either separately controlled or linked with main machine.
6. Automatic closed-loop control is realized via smart modular C4 control system.
7. Small-size KR25/25single screw extruder is used for marking the lines.
8. Spiral mould can be used at low temperature and low pressure for high-speed extrusion, which is vital for good quality of the pipes.
9. Based on different pipes, a few method calibrators can be chosen as follow: dry induction method, helical water film method, changeable diameter method, etc.
10. Vacuum calibrator tank is built on the basis of separate shaping technique, and the quick vacuum adjustment system ensures the vacuum degree and quick shaping.
11. Spraying tank is designed with optimized spraying positioning and piping, which guarantees the strength of the large diameter pipe and quick cooling.
12. The drive is the 3-8 caterpillar driving device, all the caterpillar bands are driven separately by AC motors and controlled by digital controllers, which is very important for accurate speed adjustment and removes the possibility of slipping due to unequal driving force distribution, therefore, the stability of extrusion is gained.
13. Hydraulic planetary cutter cuts the pipe during rotation, the cutter is hydraulically controlled, and it has length tracking function, which is controlled by PLC.

Products Infomation:
KR-series mining pipe extrusion line
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