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KR-series UHMW-PE wear-resistant pipe extrusion line
Products Name: KR-series UHMW-PE wear-resistant pipe extrusion line
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Ultra-high-weight-molecular polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is kind of material with ultra-high weight and high plasticity. Compared to other polymer material, it has the advantages of low friction coefficient, low wear, and high chemical corruption resistance, high resistance to impact, pressure, freezing, heat insulation, self-lubrication, resistance to dirt generation, resistance to breaking and stress, sanitation, etc. Its used to produce pipe with self-lubrication and high resistance to dirt generation. For instance, min. friction coefficient is 0.07~0.11, thats equal to the friction between ice and ice. The pipe produced with this material has great self-lubrication and resistance to dirt generation. The resistance to wear is the at the top, which is 4 times, 9 times, 7 times and 10 times higher than nylon and tetrafluoroethlene, HDPE, carbon steel and stainless steel. Its the ideal material as the wear-resistant conduit pipe, and the energy loss during material transportation can be greatly reduced and the service life can be much longer.
Thanks to the good properties of UHMWPE, its widely used in the fields: transportation, agriculture, mining, chemical industry, mechanical industry, manufacturing industry, textile industry, food industry, medical use, sports, power plant, oil field, public work, seaculture etc. As pipes, its mainly used as industrial conduit pipes.
Newly developed KR-series by our company
UHMW-PE pipe extrusion line: specially designed screw and new-type grooved barrel, and special material made mould and extrusion process are applied, which can fulfill many extrusion process, LCP additive process ,Nanometer additive silicate process , the extrusion is profitable and can benefit the socially.
At present, the extrusion scope is F89mm-920mm.

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