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KRSJ-series high efficiency single screw extruder
Products Name: KRSJ-series high efficiency single screw extruder
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Details about products
Its design as twin-rank entity, highlighting plasticizing function, it makes sure the high efficiency and high performance extrusion. Special barrier, BM type comprehensive mixing design, which guarantees the mixing quality of material. High cutting and low melting temperature ensure the extrusion at low temperature and high properties.
Design philosophy and features
1? High speed, high output, high quality
2? Low plasticizing temperature design, which ensures good-quality product extrusion.
3? High torque output, super large thrust bearing
4? High rigidity alloy steel gear and shaft, Nitriding  treatment, gear grinding treatment, splash lubrication and forced lubrication system built in hard-face tooth surface gearbox; Separate circulation cooling system is connected.
5? High hardness, smooth finish, ultra-low noise
6? Automatic hopper drying machine eliminates the moisture of the material.
7? Automatic feeder helps labor saving.
8? Automatic weighing feeder can be equipped with controller the product weight per meter.
9? PLC/PCC smart control system realizes the linkage between the master and slave machinery, HMI monitoring, real-time monitoring for the production process, and according to the actual situation, the control style is changeable (temperature control instrument).
10? Screw & barrel is made of 38CrMoALA, and its been azotized, therefore, its wear resistant.
11? High preciseness of temperature control, combined cooling of air and water cooling, special design of material entry, equipped with perfect water cooling device and professional symmetric trapezoid slot lining.
12? IKV forced feeding system is suitable for the extrusion of the following products: PP-R tube, PE water and fuel gas supply pipe, PERT heat-resistant underground heating pipe, PA11/PA12 oil pipe and brake pipe for autos, PEX cross-link pipe, AL-PEX/PPR/PERT-AL aluminum and plastics composite pipe, ABS pipe, POM pipe, PVC/C-PVC pipe, UHMW-PE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, HDPE pipe and miniature concentration-bundle optical fiber pipe and all kinds of co-extrusion composite pipes; And its also applicable to some plate and sheet extrusion: PP, PS, HIPS, PE,ABS, EVA, PMMA, PC, PET, PVB, PVC, etc; additionally, its used to extrude wire, rod and other plastic material for project use. If adjusting the extruder speed and change screw structure, all kinds of plastic profile can be produced, such as PVC, polyolefine products. Transform pelletizer suitable for co-mixing, rectify and pelletizing of all kinds of plastics. New type grooved slot spiral feeding barrel makes sure the high-speed production and high output rate.
13? KRSJ25/25 co-extruder and main machine can be connected, and the co-extruder is equipped with rolling wheels for the convenience of moving, in addition, its height and angle are adjustable, which facilitates the connection between co-extruder and mould; co-extruder is controllable either separately or synchronized with master & slave machines, and it can also joints the concentration control of PLC/PCC. This co-extruder is mainly used to produce color stripe pipe, multiple-layer pipe, composite profile and other products with special demands. Special extruder can be ordered according to the customers requirements, L/D scope: 13:1--37:1. In addition, non-standard extruder for special material can also be ordered. (for example: bimetallic screw &barrel).
For those customers who require screw & barrel and gearbox critically, the European imported products would be a good choice.

Products Infomation:
KRSJ-series high efficiency single screw extruder
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