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multilayer gyroscope head blow molder set
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Products Name: multilayer gyroscope head blow molder set
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The machine plasticates more identical or different raw substances by extruders them to the complex machinee head, then produces the coexrtuding molded complex film. By this way, it makes possible to enhance the film's physical performance, rigidity, rigidity, good insulation-proof and impenetrability. The machineentails advanced consecutive rotation machinhead, ensures smooth and homogeneous products, meets the film's quality requirement during the subsequent working procedure of the packing machine or the printer, also is usable for manufacturing the complex bead sheen film, complex hydro-packing film, insulationg film, multi-functional farming film, luxury padking, food processigg and industry package etc. Its application range is gradually widening to be the target of plastic product development.

Products Infomation:
multilayer gyroscope head blow molder set
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