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SXC-660 Fully Automatic Plastic Heat-Shaper
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Products Name: SXC-660 Fully Automatic Plastic Heat-Shaper
Products Infomation:

Characteristics: SXC-660 Fully Automatic Plastic Heat-Shaper is a high-speed,high-efficiency and fully automatic plastic heat shaping equipment based on the plastic heat shaping technology,with loading,heating,stretching,shaping and trimming done at once.
  Capable of processing and producing PS,PP,PE,PVC,PET,ABS and other plastic products,the Machine combines together the motor,electricity and gas.It can be operated manually,semiautomatically or automatically.The electric and pneumatic components are all from famous Japanese companies,so that the stability and reliability of the facility in continuousrunning is promised.The operation of the major machine is controlled by electromagnetic speed-adjusting motor.The temperature is controlled by the digital temperature-demonstration instrument,which is very accurate.The shaper has stable running,low noise,reliable performance,high qualification rate,wide application,big shape area,speedy manufacture,high automation,all of which can satisfy the processing requirements of the food containers.
  Use:The shaper can be used to produce throwaway food containers such sa cold drink cups,sour milk cups,jelly cups,ice cream cups,fast-food boxes and instant noodles bowls.Meantine it is also capable of producing plastic packing products in industries like pharmaceutical,light industry,textile,tourism and toys.

Products Infomation:
SXC-660 Fully Automatic Plastic Heat-Shaper
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