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Tricolor drink straw machine
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Products Name: Tricolor drink straw machine
Products Infomation:

Characteristics:SJ-Drink straw machine series is composed of frequency conversion extrusion machine,mould,vacuum diameter-fixed device,traction and cutting units and etc.Available for monochromatic,dichromatic,triclolor,four color and etc.
  Application:The machines are wildly used for producing drink straw,nozzle,cotton slip ,lollipop stick,tooth pick,ball-pen core,watercolor pen core,toy tube,drop tube and other small industrial irregular shape pipes.
  Use:This machine is mainly to produce drink straw,sprinkler pipe,otton stick,candy stick,tooth pick,tooth pick,the refills of ball point pen and water color pen,toy pipe industrial casing pipe,droping tube and other small open pipes etc.It uses the materials such as PE and Petc.

Products Infomation:
Tricolor drink straw machine
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