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XPS Foam Plate Extrusion Machine
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Products Name: KSM-B 120/150 XPSXPS Foam Plate Extrusion Machine
Products Infomation:

Compressive Strength:Excelled strength for structural applications involving continuous high compressive loads, non-uniform loads of high temperatures. Resistance to Water penetration:XPS has a structure that consists of small sizes closed cells and a outer skin of foam. This allows it to remain dry in high humidity and cold temperatures areas. Chemical Resistance:XPS has excellent resistance to acids, basis cold bitumen & silicon oils. Installation:XPS sheeting can be worked with any conventional tooling. Sheeting is glued together by either a hot bitumen or an adhesive. Storage:When outdoor storage is demanded sheeting should be protected from UVL, by covering with sheeting.

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KSM-120/150 PSPS/PE Foam Extrusion Molding Machine

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