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KJK Series Egg tray production line
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Products Name: KJK Series Egg tray production line
Products Infomation:

our Company forming equipment using advanced PLC;? selection of quality Electronic components and aerodynamic accessories; Pulp barrels a stainless steel material; Equipment performance and long service life. Automatic forming, drying line automatic control mode, reduce human waste, improved product quality and quality..
Forming voltage: AC220V10%
Frequency: 50Hz
Drying line:length:40metres, fuel:coal
Transport speed:0.5m/min~3.5m/min(can adjust)
Drying temperature:170?~220? can adjust(with automatic temperature control system)??? Power:30 KW
??The basic structure and principle:
1?Forming system
<1>?Using eight faces over-turn forming machine,PLC control,
<2>?Mechanical crawls demoulding, high precision rotary control system
<3>?Mainly electrical parts used Schneidermark,
<4>?using 2.5mm thick stainless steel pulp tank.
2?drying system
<1>?The mainly size:length 40m, Width 2.5m, height 3.5m <2>?burning system:have three burner,using Italian famous mark.
With three good quality burning system.
<3>?Hot wind system: The overall design of separation are used to a reasonable distribution of hot air
<4>?Heat recovery systems: with a heat exchange system, after exclude
Humidity, the thermal recovery of water and Hot air separation, the use of hot air again
<5>?Exclude humidity system: Using three exclude humidity fan.
<6>?Transmission mode: frequency-driven speed chain. Equipped with net tensioning, adjusting chain
<7>?main body: with 100-mm wall thickness rockwool insulation to keep warm, each door configuration, and maintenance of convenience
<8>,control system: Using central control system, and using the indicator power voltage, temperature, speed, working situation
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