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Plastic Dual Tubing Extrusion Production Line
Products Name: Plastic Dual Tubing Extrusion Production Line
Products Infomation:
Equipment Arrangement of Dual Tubing Auxiliary Machine F16-F40mm
I, Vacuum Calibrating Box
1. The dual tubing calibrating box is composed of two calibrating boxes with separate operation.
2. The length of calibrating box is 5m, stainless steel material
3. Cooling Forming: Spray
4. Two Water Pumps: 4KW2 Made in Shanghai
5. Two Vacuum Pumps: 4KW2
6. Liquid Level Height: it is automatically controlled by float valve.
7. Moving up and down, electric motor operation, the move distance is 1000mm
II, Dual Tubing Traction Engine
1. The dual traction engine is composed of two traction engines with separate operation.
2. Speed Governing Type: frequency converter speed governing, the converter is produced by Japan Panasonic Company.
3. Effective Traction Length is 950mm.
4. Gripping Form: Pneumatic Control
5. Traction Method: Special rubber belt traction, the width is 80mm
6. The drive is supplied by four aluminum alloy reducing motors.
7. Traction Power: 0.55KW4
8. Traction Speed: 29 Meter/Minute
III, Dual Tubing Cutting Machine
1. The dual tubing cutting machine is composed of two cutting machines with separate operation.
2. Max. Pipe Diameter of Cutting: F40mm
3. Cutting Machine Power: 1.1KW2
4. Cutting Blade Diameter isF230 60 Gear Alloy Material
5. Gripping Form: Pneumatic
6. The working process is controlled by PC.
IV, Stack Rack
1. Dual Tubing stack rack is composed of two stack racks with separate operation.
2. Automatic fixed length, controlled by position switch
3. Automatic overturn
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