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Parallel co-rotating twin screw module extruder
Products Name: Parallel co-rotating twin screw module extruder
Products Infomation:
Introduction: The screw of this co-rotation twin-screw extruder is multi-section. The material will gain the best compounding effect after being extruded by the screws and barrel through high speed and high torque method. The machine is equipped with force feeding system which can add glass fiber, additives and other materials. This machine is most suitable for manufacturing the engineering plastic, glass fiber, high density master batch and other products.
Parallel co-rotating twin screw extruding production line is decent to high polymer mixture meliorative(includes reactionary)extrusion and post treatments, it can adopt optimized configuration, structure and design according to material system characteristics.
*Fill-in meliorative, mixing meliorative, general master batch, fiber master batch, functional master batch, glass fiber(carbon fiber) strengthen, cable material extrusion, reactionary extrusion, venting/dehydrating/volatilizing post treatments.
Module designed mainframe,the screw shafts mode, barrel structure, rate of L/D, feeding and ventilator position/quantity, screen changing/pelletizing mode, electric automatic mode can be adjusted/optimized according to different formulas and technical demands, it realizes a consolidation of multi-function, versatility, and professional object-oriented.
Basic screw shaft component is in all-geared conjugate axis mode, precisely designed by CAD, it is installed with excellent self-clean and arbitrary interchangeability. Highly experienced engineers and advanced software provide the equipment with perfect action in conveying/plasticizing, mixing/melting, cutting/dispersing, homogenizing, venting, extruding. Sorts of new screw shaft, components and assembly are released aiming at new high molecular polymer and new process.
Mainframe screw shafts and core axis coupling adopts international standard involute spline mode, it achieves infinite potentiality in limited room and gives attention to higher torque and bigger screw shaft volume.
There are different series for different process and application as follow: Conventional A series(n= 500r/min, T/A3<6), high speed/high efficiency B series(n= 600r/min, T/A3<6),high torque C series(n= 500r/min, T/A3>8)and high speed/high torque D series(n= 600r/min, T/A3>8)products;
New torque-distribution transmission device, safety dose of intensified design, high precision hard-surface grinding,higher reliability.
Multiple choices of quantitative feeding device and system, single screw, twin screw, hollow spring mode, meshing/non-meshing et cetera, they can cover different materials. Besides regular low cost volume quantitative feeding, we take the lead in adopting high precision(5) agravity quantitative system in China.
Remarkable granulating system, water cooling strand pelletizing, air cooling strand pelletizing, air cooling die surface hot pelletizing, water ring hot pelletizing, eccentric spray hot pelletizing and underwater die surface hot pelletizing, they can be chosen according to demands.
Regular mainframe material is high quality nitrigenized steel with nitrigenized surface, it can handle most situations. If special material needed, there are other anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive or anti-erosive material and treatment can be chosen.
Components of electronic control system are all imported, besides regular meters mode, there is computer work station control system with simulated control panel, PLC system or complete material mixing device.
Low vibration, low noise, the machine can be installed without basis and laid on flat ground, it reduces the demands of field and installation, brings convenience.
Products Infomation:
Parallel co-rotating twin screw module extruder
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