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PVC Profile Extrusion Line
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Products Name: PVC Profile Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
YF series PVC down stream is suitable to produce PVC profile, window sill, panel, siding, multi-hole cable duct(4-hole?6-hole?7-hole?9-hole option). According to different cross-section shape, you can choose conical or parallel twin screw extruder and relative vacuum calibration unit, haul-off, cutter, stacker and other auxiliary equipment. The capacity of main extruder varies from 50kg/hour to 450kg/hour for option. It has stable plastification, high output, low sheering force, long longevity and other advantages. The extrusion line consists of twin-screw extruder, extrusion mould, calibration unit, hauling-off unit, film covering machine and stacker. By simply changing the mould and the screw, it also can produce the foamed profiles.
Products Infomation:
PVC Profile Extrusion Line
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