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Zhen Ye Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
· Zhen Ye Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
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  We can supplied extruding turn-key equipments of PU, PVC(soft or harden), HDPE, ABS or other material etc., as customer's requirement which contain calculating F& mixing device, extruder, cooling & forming system, code printer, take-up unit, auto sizing cutting m/c & ancillary equipments.
  The extruder is adopted DC inverting or VS stepless control system, stable and can be speed adjusting randomly, specially designed of gear box, compact & robust, also equipped with auto lubricating device, long servicing life.
  The cyl. & screw are made of alloy steel and with nitrided & precise processed, wear-resistant, unloading stably, large product rate, long servicing life.
  The exterior of cyl. is cooled by air cooling and can be maintained temp stable, the electric controlling is concentrated at independant control box and with with protecting circuiting, safety & simple of maintenance.
  Due to various products, the cooling forming can be adopted newly impressed forming, vacuum forming or other method, good of products quality, high production rate.
  The take-up unit is employed link-belt roller and coupled with DC motor or inverter, accuracy of take-up speed and stable.
  The auto cut off system is employed precision controller, little of cutting tolerance, extremely small of back action force and the cutting length can be adjusted randomly.

Products Infomation:
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