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DL-E01-B plastic film graining machine
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Changzhou Dali Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Changzhou Dali Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: DL-E01-B plastic film graining machine
Products Infomation:

1. Usage
  The machine is featured with good reliability, easy maintenance and high stability. It is used for recycling and graining the offcut of CPE co-extrusion compound film and other material. It has a good economic benefit.
2. Structure brief introduction
  The machine is composed of following parts: Driving mechanism, feeding mechanism, pressing mechanism, transfer mechanism and shearing assembly.
3. Principle of operation
  1). Used together with film machine: When making film on the machine, the film off-cut generated is fed immediately into the feeding mechanism of the graining machine. Then the feeding mechanism transfers the off-cut into the pressing mechanism, and the irregular off-cut is pressed into regular stripes. The regular stripes are transported by the transfer mechanism into the shearing assembly to be sheared into grains and flasks. The recycling process is completed
  2). Used together with splitting machine: The off-cut from the splitting machine is rolled orderly on paper core. The rolls are sent to graining machine for making grains.
4. Main technical parameters
  1). Motor power: 3kW 2). Output: 100m/min
  3). External dimensions: 650 x 580 x 1260 4). Weight: 400kg

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