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PP/Calcium Powder Green Sheet Extrusion Line
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Products Name: PP/Calcium Powder Green Sheet Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
PP + Calcium Carbonate Powder named as CT is the sheet which is made from PP with 40%-60% of high quality CaCo3.It can be recycled effectively and reused. CT product can easily burn as paper or wood due to its low energy release .It not only releases little harmful gas, but also can be used in other fields after recycling. Moreover, CT product can resist 130_ high temperature so that it can be used in microwave-oven vessel. CT product will be widely used in food industry and becomes more and more popular in the future food container industry.
The PP+ CaCo3 environment-friendly PVC sheet extrusion machine developed by Jwell company uses the three extruders for 3 or 4 layers co-extrusion. This sheet machine uses the Jwell s latest designed PP+ CaCo3 vented screw an d the PLC computer controlling device and automatically thickness detection device, so that this machine can maximize the percentage of CaCo3 in the sheet production to reduce the cost of the sheet and the sheet produced can gain the good physical properties and further processing abilities. It is the most advanced sheet machine in China.
Application:vacuum forming ,green food container and package, different kinds of food packaging container, such as: salver?bowl?canteen ,fruit dish and etc.
PP + Fiber sheet / PP + wood powder sheet: This production line adopts conical twin-screw extruder, with specially processing method which is another most advanced technology in China. This product features of well-shaped, easily processed, recycling and reuse of the offcut, once-complexing with other material of sheet by hot pressing. It can be widely applied in the decoration of automobile ornaments, ceiling, booth, suitcase, hotel, restaurant, entertainment area and etc.
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