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XPE /IXPE Foam Coil Material Product Line
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Products Name: XPE /IXPE Foam Coil Material Product Line
Products Infomation:
XPE&IXPE Foam Coil Material Product Line
ShangHai jwell plate & sheet equipment co,.ltd is the first company which research XPE Foam Coil Material Product Line in China.
The product are used abroad in the same important project, such as south-north water transfer project and railway building between QingHai and Tibet.
Because of the special structure of XPE Foam Coil Material, it has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation.
Meanwhile it can reduce noise,resistant aging and chemical etching, and satisfy the requirement of environmental protection.
These Kind of material can be used in a wide range of domain.
Engineering heat preservation: central air conditioning project, pipe project, large container,advanced composite sheep.
Packing material: lining of bag. Packaging of integrated circuit board
Shoes making: the sole of advanced sports shoes.
Material of automotive manufacturing: the dressing material, and cushion material
Cushion material: float material
In one word, we can say this material has a wide use range and a big market for its transcendent character.The surface of IXPE is velvet and close and the vesicle is tiny and uniform. This kind of material is wide used in building, chemical pipe, thermal project, car and boat manufacture, package, agriculture, fishery, gym and amusement field, etc. At present, in China, IXPE market is in the growth phase and of a promise potential.
The IXPE complete line made in Jwell consists of Pelletizer, Extrusion line and Foam product line three main parts.
Products Infomation:
XPE /IXPE Foam Coil Material Product Line
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