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UHMW-PE Pipe or Plate Extrusion Line
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Products Name: UHMW-PE Pipe or Plate Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
UHMW-PE pipe extrusion line is our newly developed extrusion line. With continuous extrusion method, you can get pipe, rod,plate and sheet. UHMW-PE is new type of thermoforming engineering plastic and it has some special excellent characters thatthe ordinary PE does not have. Its physical characters are much more better than ordinary polyethylene. Among all the existing plastics, it has the best anti-abrasive, anti-chemical, shock-absorptive and self-lubrication characters. So it is calledan amazing plastc.
This extrusion line adopts special designed screw, slotted barrel, special extrusion die head, vacuum calibration and other units. In the material, you can add several additives and it can satisfy many process requirements.
Power generation plant: chemical plant: for the supply or drainage of pure water, chemical water and sea water
Mineral plant: mineral mixing liquid transferring
Oil plant: Pipe for nature gas, oil and water
Infrastructure: Water supply, sewage
Products Infomation:
UHMW-PE Pipe or Plate Extrusion Line
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