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High speed inner silicon layer composite pipes extrusion line
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Products Name: High speed inner silicon layer composite pipes extrusion line
Products Infomation:
Application: Because of its distinguished phisical, chemical characters, low cost, easy operation,it is suitable for the cable protection pipe in the high way.
Advantages: Based on Jwells excellent screw-making technology, in 1999 Jwell suceeded in developing its own high speed inner silicon layer pipe extrusion line. The machine has a new design, high automation, continuous stable extrusion and other features. The main extruder is the high efficiency single screw extruder, the die head is the co-extrusion spiral die head, the sizing unit has the vacuum. The haul off motor is the frequency conversion motor so that the haul off is very stable. This production machine is PLC controlled with a high precision. This production line is composed by three extruders, the inner layer of the pipe is made by the silicon and HDPE materials. The outer layer is HDPE wth the marking line.
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