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PE-RT PP-R and PEX Dual-Strand Pipe Extrusion Line
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Products Name: PE-RT PP-R and PEX Dual-Strand Pipe Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
Applications: This line is used for manufacturing the PP-R, PEX or PE-RT pipes. PP-R pipe is a nontoxic, hygiene, heat-resistant and good warmth keeping pipe. PP-R pipe can be easily and conveniently welded through hot-melting method, and PP-R pipe can be recycleable. PEX pipe has the excellent temperature resistance property. PE-RT pipe, manufactured on the base of PEX, doesnt need cross-link technique, and PE-RT can be recycleable and it is better in heat resistance.
Features: This production line is manufactured by introducing the latest Germany technology. The line is equipped with a high efficiency extruder, big torque gearbox, new desgined barrel and LTM high efficiency screw. The output capacity of this line is high and the material meltingtemperature is low.
The die head is spiral type or basket type, and the die had can equip with the static mixing system, the inner pressure distribution is more even. The vacuum tank is divided into two sections with perfect water temperature, water level and volume controlling for producing the high quality pipe. By equipping different die set, screw and downstream equipment, this production line can produce PE?ABS?PE-RT?PEX pipe and two different kinds of raw materials composite pipe.
Advantage: This production line is using the dual-strand technology, it can greatly increase the production capacity of small size pipes and increase the production efficiency.
Products Infomation:
PE-RT PP-R and PEX Dual-Strand Pipe Extrusion Line
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