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PET Drying system by continuous crystal and dehumidity
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Products Name: PET Drying system by continuous crystal and dehumidity
Products Infomation:
Adopt the high performance device of hot blast diffusing to keep the drying temperature even and improve the drying efficiency.
Exclusively curved design of hot blast pipe can avoid that the cuttings which accumulate at the bottom cause to burn.
Hopper and inner parts are all made of stainless steel.
Ladle body are separated from the bottom,so it is very convenient for cleaning material and quick for changing material.
Adopt the inward Omron temperature controller to control the temperature precisely.
Protection device for over-hot to reduce the accidents caused by human or machine roubles.
Principle and feature
PETresin is widely used in spin fibre,food and medicine package ,industrial thread and dishware with high temperature resistance. Its water ratio is higher. Some flaws,such as bubble,chap and yellow in colour and luster.,will happen when it melts in high temperature?Before the de humidity,its water ratio is between 0.4 -0.5%.Finally our machine makes the resin crystal by the least power.and make its water ratio reduce to 0.01%,as well as make it to be the superior resin with good stability This equipment absorbs the advanced technology and craftwork of foreign companies .We design high quality ,the latest advanced equipment by ourselves according to the actural situation.The sorbent we use is from American,PLD control system is made in Japan,and the temperature control meter is RKC,contactor is Simens ,Additionally it is equipped with precise monitor to ensure the using effect.This machine has stable quality and high automation degree.Its convenient to control and it is the necessary equipment for PET production.
Products Infomation:
PET Drying system by continuous crystal and dehumidity
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