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PS Foam Sheet (XPS Extruder) Extrusion Line
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Products Name: PS Foam Sheet (XPS Extruder) Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
Applications :
It has applications in many fields such as Heat Insulation in the Construction Industry and anti impact containers for the food industry.
As a practical example it has been used in the tropics to insulate buildings against temperatures that continuously reach 40?C and is able to successfully reduce the ambient temperatures inside the buildings to 30?C. In the Polar regions of Alaska it successfully prevents oil in pipelines from freezing when outside air temperatures are -50?C. This shows that energy savings are huge.
In the construction Industry it has been successfully used as a sandwich material for doorframes and under floor insulation due to its light weight and superior strength qualities.
As a Heat/Cold insulator the energy saving potential is huge.
In the Advertising Industry its uses have only just being recognised due to its high strength, lightweight, good weather stability features, its easy trimming to size features and then it is also significantly less expensive than Acrylic or ABS. In this Industry the potential is enormous.
Requirements of plant
1. Floor area : 50M(L) x 25M(W) x 8M(H)
2.Power source : 500HP (3 phase)
3.Water source : 50 Liters / hr
4.Operators : 8 persons (for whole plant)
Characteristics of the Extruded PS Foam Insulation Sheet :
Raw material is processed to produce a foamed product with a sealed interior cell structure which gives this product its superior insulating, low water absorbsion, light weight, and easy trimming qualities.
The machine is able to produce various products with differing features such as color from a variety of raw materials. Features such as density and width can be adjusted with the machine production parameters thus making this a truly versatile machine.
Products Infomation:
PS Foam Sheet (XPS Extruder) Extrusion Line
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