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Film recycling granulation unit
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Changzhou Dali Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Changzhou Dali Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Film recycling granulation unit
Products Infomation:
This unit is made up of plastic extruder,cooling water trough,knife dryer and cutter.It mainly is used for recycling and granulating of PP and PE film.The extruder adopts adjustable speed motor with frequency convertor and automatic temperature control system,which makes it possess the characteristics of stable property,good plasticization,even mixing,compact structure,high automation and efficiency of production.It is equipped with exhaustion structure which makes the gas emission in the process of plasticization.The plastic articles is even,solid,smooth and good appearance.The extrusion die is equipped with screen changing device by hydraulic lift,which improves greatly the production efficiency.Cooling water flume is made of stainless steel,so it is anti-erosion,resistant to wear,beautiful and durable.
Products Infomation:
Film recycling granulation unit
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DL-E01-B plastic film graining machine

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