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SBY series plastic circular loom
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Products Name: SBY series plastic circular loom
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Stands for mature technology and comprehensive know-how.Due to a continuous exchange of experience with customers,universities,universities,raw material manufacturers and due to on going research and development,we guarantee to be a competent,reliable and efficient partner for your coating and laminating needs.
The compound film set is suitable for compounding the fabrics listed below in single or double sides with PP or LDPE as raw materials:
plastics woven bag
container bag (space bag)
water resistant cloth
non-woven cloth
cloth for tent (tent)
kraft paper
aluminum film
Electric control
The electric controlled by PLC
1) Automatic edge trimming
2) Automatic roll change
3) Alarm management
Photo-electrically controlled edge trimming unit.
The circular woven fabric is reversed by running through a turning "triangle" so as to allow coating on both sides of the fabric tube in a single operation process.

Products Infomation:
SBY series plastic circular loom
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