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Zipper Pounch/ Zipper Bag Making Machine (1)
Slitting/Rewinding Machine (1)
Sealing & Cutting Bag Making Machine (5)
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S-Dai Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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S-Dai Industrial Co.,Ltd.
· S-Dai Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Auto High-Speed Sealing&Cutting Machine
  SDH-264 Auto High-Speed Sealing&Cutting Machine
Flower Shape Bag Making Machine
  SDH-800SC (NC) Flower Shape Bag Making Machine
Perforation and Slitter Machine
  SD-1200SLP Perforation and Slitter Machine
Sandwich Folding Machine
  TB-1000AE Sandwich Folding Machine
Zipper Bag Machine
  SDH-262S Zipper Bag Machine
Plastic File-Bag Making Machine
  SDH-263SC Plastic File-Bag Making Machine
T-Shirt Bag Making Machine,Zipper Pounch/ Zipper Bag Making Machine,Plastics Bag Making Machine,Sealing & Cutting Machine
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S-DAI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Was founded in 1978 as a specialty in plastic printing machine and many different plastic bags making machine. We always insist on improving mechanical level upon honest idea so as to reduce possible trouble rate, further offers excellent and outstanding products. Since many years, we are treated very kindly and recommended by the overseas & domestic manufacturers, which promotes our products to yield unusually brilliant results in the same trade and sale to whole the world. At the same time, we are increasingly requested to quote for the overseas manufacturer, which shows our products affirmed by them deeply. In the future, we will continue to operate this company upon the idea: THE CUSTOMER, THE TOP QUALITY, and we are sincerely asking your kind direction. Furthermore, S-DAI will offer much better quality to our customers, and will reward to the mass upon more steady steps.
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