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EPS/XPS Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine (2)
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Tai Shyan Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Tai Shyan Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
· Tai Shyan Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
EPS Shape Molding M/C
   EPS Shape Molding M/C
Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine,Molds & Spare Parts,Extrusion Machinery Series
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Company Introduction The company was established in 1980. We specialized in whole machinery equipment and designs for EPS, EPE, EPP, plants, fully automatic molding machinery, essential accessories for machines as well as molds, special & precision dry molds for EPS, EPE, EPP, molding. We develop and improve various kinds of products, in order to be all automatic. We specialized in design and manufacture experience for many years, and offer the more elasticity manufacture to customers. And excellent equipment and new technology. We will devlop, improve and manufadture our product incessantly for furnishing market’s demand. To welcome domestic and foreign trader, purchasing merchant develop market together. Product 1. The manufac ture and design of whole-plant machinery equipment for EPS and EPP. 2. Fully automatic molding machinery (with vacuum apparatus). 3. Other EPS and EPP molding equipment. 4. Essential accessories for machines and aluminum molds. 5. Special and precision dry molds for EPS, EPE and EPP molding. 6. Machinery manufactured according to customer’s specifications. Prospective We are pleasure the elder people in EPS machinery give us the support and guidance, and we should continuously develop hard in EPS machinery. We should be tightened inspection our products, have excellent quality, and increase our produdtion. We market in Taiwan, China …etc. Asia. We would expand into the Middle East Market. And we will further expand into America and Europe market.
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