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EPS/XPS Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine (3)
Pelleting Making Machine (3)
Coating/Laminating Extrusion Machine (6)
Sheet Extrusion Machine (3)
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Recycle Pellet Machine
   Recycle Pellet Machine
Single Station Laminating Line
  KSM-KM Series Single Station Laminating Line
Sandwich Extrusion Laminating Machine
  KSM-LMA Series Sandwich Extrusion Laminating Machine
Tandem (Double sides) Extrusion Laminating Machine
  KSM-2LM Series Tandem (Double sides) Extrusion Laminating Machine
Single Side Extrusion Laminating Machine
  KSM-LM Series Single Side Extrusion Laminating Machine
Extrusion Laminating Machines (for Foods)
  n/a Extrusion Laminating Machines (for Foods)
Extrusion Laminating Machines(for Industrial)
  n/a Extrusion Laminating Machines(for Industrial)
EPS Recycle & Pellet Machine
  KSM-145-REC EPS Recycle & Pellet Machine
HIPS Recycle & Pellet Machine
  KSM-120-REC HIPS Recycle & Pellet Machine
PS/PE Foam Extrusion Molding Machine
  KSM-90/120 PS PS/PE Foam Extrusion Molding Machine
PS/PE Foam Extrusion Molding Machine
  KSM-120/150 PS PS/PE Foam Extrusion Molding Machine
XPS Foam Plate Extrusion Machine
  KSM-B 120/150 XPS XPS Foam Plate Extrusion Machine
PP/HIPS Sheet Extrusion Molding Machine
  KSM-100PP PP/HIPS Sheet Extrusion Molding Machine
PET Sheet Extrusion Molding Machine
  KSM-100PET PET Sheet Extrusion Molding Machine
PLA Sheet Extrusion Molding Machine
  KSM-100PLA PLA Sheet Extrusion Molding Machine
Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine
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King Shuen Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, devoted to R&D and manufacturing numerous environmentally machines which including Foam Sheet and Plastic Sheet Extruding Machines, etc. For years, we have accumulated the best technique and plenty experience of exporting and manufacturing to supply outstanding quality, stability and durability machines for our customers all around the world, such as Brazil, China Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam, etc. Also, we are recognized by our customers. Moreover, all machines supplied by K.S.M. are guaranteed to have our best after-service. In recent years, due to the globally increasing sense of the need to protect the environment, materials like plastic and synthetic chemicals have been forbidden to use for food, industrial and medical packaging. To solve the problem, King Shuen successfully researched and developed the first PLA sheet extruding machine of its kind in Asia in 2002. ( The market share rate of this machine is more than 90% on the whole world.) PLA is 100% biodegradable. The PLA sheets that our extruding machines turns out not only meet Taiwan CNS 1466 standard, but have now also become the most environmentally friendly replacements for plastic packages. In the future, King Shuen will continue to manufacture high-quality extruding machines to create maximum profits and opportunities for our customers. Furthermore, integrity, loyalty and long-standing relations are the core of our successful business relations.
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