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Other Extrusion Machines (2)
EPS/XPS Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine (2)
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Jiuh Shin Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Jiuh Shin Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Jiuh Shin Machinery Co., Ltd.
Automatic Block Vacuum  Forming Machine
  JSM-AB Series Automatic Block Vacuum Forming Machine
Quantitative Pre-expander
  JSM-QE Series Quantitative Pre-expander
Continuous Pre-expander
  JSM-EM Series Continuous Pre-expander
Fully Automatic Vacuum Molding  Machine
  JSM-HVA Series Fully Automatic Vacuum Molding Machine
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JIUH-SHIN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is dedicated in "EPE/EPP/EPS Machinery and Whole-Plant Equipment, Auto. Vacuum Molding Machine, Full Auto. Vacuum Molding Machine, Auto. Block Vacuum Forming Machine, Quantitative Pre-Expander, Continuous Pre-expander, Fully Automatic Vacuum Molding Machine, Automatic Block Vacuum Forming Machine, Automatic Precision Aluminum Molds, Related Accessories and Parts" with operations in Taiwan.
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