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Sealing & Cutting Bag Making Machine (8)
Plastic Blowing Film Machines (1)
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Hot slitting Side Gusset Machine
  JP-HS Hot slitting Side Gusset Machine
Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine
  HM-500JF Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine
Perforation on Roll Bag Making Machine
  HM-900BR Perforation on Roll Bag Making Machine
T-Shirt Bag Making Machine
  HM-500VA-SV/800VA-SV / 1000VA-SV T-Shirt Bag Making Machine
Special Hand Bag Making Machine
  HM-800CK-SV Special Hand Bag Making Machine
Bottom Welding Machine
  JP-800B/1000B/1250B/1500B Bottom Welding Machine
Side Welding Machine
  HM-810SB-SV/1000SB-SV Side Welding Machine
Calendar Bag
  HM-1100C5 / 1100C5G Calendar Bag
Extruder Machinery
  THD-45/50/55/65 Extruder Machinery
Blown Film Machine / Inflation Machine,Plastics Bag Making Machine,Other Printing Machines
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Established in 1979, HEMINGSTONE Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in making whole plant turnkey plastics bag equipments including bag-blowing machinery, printing machine and bag making machinery. Supported by all its customers in Taiwan and around the world, the company works collectively to grow into a world-renowned enterprise. To meet the challenge of ever-changing market conditions and uplift of production efficiency, HEMINGSTONE has invested greatly into expending factories and modern management methods for manufacturing advanced equipments. It is already a reputed brand name in Taiwan and Asia, and rosy future already seen over the horizon in Europe and other parts of the world. Superb Technology, Satisfactory Services HEMINGSTONE is a manufacturer that has won many appraisals and good comments from its customers. The company has immense R&D capabilities in terms of production technologies and provides customers with services strictly in accordance with all the mechanical requirements of the production. Holding up non-stop innovations, HEMIGSTONE has launched various professionally made machinery such as fastest T-Shirt bag making machine (speed:400 pcs/min), development of various types of full-automatic garbage bag and hand bag machinery as well as entire technical and production services to customers. Young and Energetic Technology Team The young and energetic technology team from HEMINGSTONE is dispatched periodically to overseas to fulfill complete after-sale services. Persistence in Products with High Quality and Performance Thorough persistence for product quality and performance by procedures. All the staff are rigidly training and effective operational procedures. All the staff are rigidly trained and share the actual manufacturing processes is strictly monitored to reach the stage of perfect quality. HEMINGSTONE manufactures in full compliance with all the international standards and has already acquired ISO9001 quality certification and CE European safety marks. Accredited with all these honors and achievements, HEMINGSTONE never gets lost itself into excessive self-satisfaction and will still work harder for possible excellence to face the future challenge and competition of new technology.
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