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High Speed Raschel Knitting Machine
  SR-170-F High Speed Raschel Knitting Machine
Slitting And Extension Machine
  SE-130-N Slitting And Extension Machine
PE Monofilament Making Machine
  FCM-65 PE Monofilament Making Machine
High Speed Raschel Knitting Machine
  SR-170-RF High Speed Raschel Knitting Machine
High Speed Inflation Machine
  TGI-85, TGI-90 High Speed Inflation Machine
Slitting & Extension Machine, Raschel Knitting Machine
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Fung Chang as a professional Raschel knitting machine manufacturer, established in 1963, till now we have 41 years of manufacturing experience in this field. Besides of manufacturing & continuous developing the Raschel machine, we also work very hard in design & produce the related equipments, to offer our customer a complete service, that is turn-key plant service.
After many years of efforts in the Raschel machine, now we could offer many different packages of whole-plant machinery to produce various nettings, also, we could provide our customer consulting service upon their request, to plan the factory to meet their special need.
*PE, Nylon, Cotton Mosquito net making plant.
*Construction safety net (Scaffolding net) making plant.
*Fruit mesh bag making plant.
*"One-piece formed" onion packing sack making plant.
*Production Line.
Fung Chang made Raschel knitting machine & its related equipments, not only the quality is excellent, we also provide our customer even better after-sale service, equipment's installation and know-how transfer. Upon the request, we could also recommend and send our well-experienced technician to stay for a period at the customer's factory to assit them to manage the knitting factory professionally. Regarding the Raschel knitting machine manufacturing technique, and the technical service providing among the whole world, we are very proud to say that Fung Chang is the No. 1 in the whole Asia, the performance of Fung Chang made Raschel knitting machine even compete with German made Raschel machine.
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