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Tungtay (Chengdu) Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Tungtay (Chengdu) Industrial Co., Ltd.
· Tungtay (Chengdu) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Flat Yarn Making Machine,Circular Loom,Pipe Extrusion Machine,Profile Extrusion Machine
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TungTay Group is an international multi-business group company. __with its investor & headquarter in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. __TungTay's history can be traced back to 41 years ago when its first company, TungTay Paper Corporation, registered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In the past 41 years, TungTay has undertaken and overcome many hardships and dangers along with the establishment of a new company; however, it has also enjoyed the joyance of capital accumulation. Thanks to the rapid economic development in Taiwan from 1950s to 1970s, it has grasped the opportunities to invest in Mainland China. Now, being in an electronic era and network world, TungTay, as any other enterprises, is faced with golden but very rare developing as well as challenging opportunities. At its first stage, TungTay mainly engages in the research and development of papermaking, plastic packing, machinery, etc. With the business development, TungTay extends its managing scope to real estate, finance, bonds, international trade, and other fields.Since 1990s, the investment direction and industrial structure have been adjusted continuously, which helps TungTay, the experienced enterprise, to set up new and more perspective objective. Now, besides engaging in its traditional business such as plastic woven wool bags, plastic weaving equipment, real estate, hotels that have won wide market home and abroad, TungTay devotes itself to: ___1) establishing research & development base of new construction materials (Plastic Composite Pipeline, PP-R Pipeline, Low-E Coated Glass, etc.), and boosting industrialization of new construction materials all over China; ___2) finishing the development & manufacturing of Composite Pipeline Production Line assigned by State Ministry of Construction in 1999 with its technology evaluated and credited by the Ministry of Construction as "the one that reaches international leading level and fills up what lacks at home"; ___3) developing & manufacturing new plastic machinery, composite pipeline production line, vacuum machinery, and supplying top-grade systems and technical services to clients from home and abroad; ___4) establishing construction materials market to popularize new construction materials (including products by TungTay); ___5) investing in digital cellular system; ___6) developing & making new packaging materials and products such as BOPP film, plastic-coated metallic film, aluminum film, plastic-rubber container, nylon wool bag, and etc.; ___7) developing high-tech electronic products such as IYO conductive glass and the pertaining liquid crystal display.
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