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Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine,Sheet Extrusion Machine,Film Envelop Auto Forming Machine,Heat Creasing Machine,Cooling Machine,Four Axes Auto Winding Machine,Automatic Trimming Crushing and Recycling System,Inner Pages Edge Folding Machine,Auto Toiny Machine for Expanding File,Envelop Cover and Inner Pages Autojoint Machine,Heat and Stamping Machine,File Back Labeling Machine,Electronic Heating Machine
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Shin Ruey Machinery Co., Ltd. Was first created in 1987 in Taiwan. Shin Reuy has pioneered PP Stationery machinery technology in the line, winning acclaim from great customers. It also has occupied considerable market share worldwide including Mainland China, Malaysia, Thailand, India,Japan, Singapore, Brazil and etc, and has boosted the future development of the industry.
Ever since its birth, Shin Ruey has gained high reputation form the sector. To meet the changing needs for marketplace. we raise fund to launch branch company in Mainland. Shin Reuy Machinery Co.,ltd., which now has evolved to a vertically integrative
enterprise offering R &D. manufacturer and distribution services. Moreover, backed by energetic designers and active managerial staff. Shin Ruey is committed to offering perfect services an quality products to global customers.
We have maintained the forefront position in the industry. leading the international trend. While foothold established in PP stationery, as result of over a decade of experience, we are capable of offering fleet services comprising installation test, training services as well.
Shin Ruey stands for the perfection, we target at the farthest.
Shin Ruey, you ideal partner for success.
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