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Wrapping Film Making Machine Line (1)
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Shandong jietong plastics machinery co.,LTD
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Shandong jietong plastics machinery co.,LTD
· Shandong jietong plastics machinery co.,LTD
Shrink Film Making Machine
  4191394916 Shrink Film Making Machine
Shrink Film Making Machine
  61621521216 Shrink Film Making Machine
PVC Shrink Film Making Machine
  41913241516 PVC Shrink Film Making Machine
PVC Cling Film Making Machine Line
  4715174116 PVC Cling Film Making Machine Line
PE/PVC Cling Film Making Machine Line,Shrink Film Making Machine
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Shandong Jietong plastics machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in early 2001. It is a private high-tech enterprise. Since the establishment, the company was identified to go the independent innovation and development way, and actively committed to research and development of plastic machinery, plastic packaging machinery, electrical machinery and plastic packaging films new materials. It has its own independent intellectual property rights in many areas and a number of scientific researches.
The Company is one of national manufacturers who have an early research of shrink film. Since the foundation, the company has made a series of PE series heat shrinkable film blowing unit, PVC series heat shrinkable film blow molding unit series, PA series five layers co-extruded heat shrinkable film blowing unit (three-bubble method), POF series polyolefin three layer co-extruded heat shrinkable film blowing unit. The company has consistently adhered to attaching the importance of molding equipment and molding process; the same time with the development and production of equipment, we also put in a lot of manpower, and material for forming technology development and improvement.
When the company was first established, it formed the business tenet of " to survive by quality, to develop by effectiveness, to expand by innovation and to win the return by integrity ". We put the quality in the most important position. While being sure to provide quality products, we also provide quality and timely service for our customers. We consider the enterprise foothold with the rapid development of the industry as a whole closer together, to develop a growing survival market space for enterprises and customers.
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